Current Freight Shipping Quote was conceived of as a way to help companies who need to find the best rates and service for bringing their products to the U.S. from overseas. We specialize in helping companies find ocean freight carriers that can handle all of steps necessary to get their products to market. We only deal with shippers who can do on site inspection to make sure your products are what you are expecting, they also have experience enough to deal with all compliance paperwork here and in country of origin.

They should have the ability to even source manufacturing for you in order to get your products to market as rapidly as possible while being cost effective. They need to have access to warehousing, including Amazon overflow and direct to Amazon, Walmart and any other retailers warehouses.

Helping the supply chain move better is vital to helping get American back in business where supply chain issues have caused slow downs or missing products this last couple of years.

Our Story 

We have had a lot of contacts in the ocean freight shipping world for a number of years and knew that we could help companies get their products to market and at a better cost.

Our Vision 

Is to make the process as seamless and easy for you the manufacturer/importer as possible. By getting you a good freight shipping provider who has good reasonable costs while at the same time offering all compliance and inspection services.

Our Mission 

To improve product import flow for companies in the U.S. To help the supply chain improve and to improve the profit margins of our clients.